Muay Thai Chinnarach. Thai boxing gym


Muay Thai Chinnarach has its own onsite accommodation and there are many resorts nearby.  

You will easily be able to find something to suit your budget.


For just 400 Baht a night or 7,000 Baht a month you can stay right at the gym. 

Fan  and Air-Conditioned rooms with fridge and free wifi. 

Contact us for more details and for booking.

Onsite accommodation at the gym. Train and stay at our Muay Thai gym in Thailand.

Stay at the gym

Self contained, air-conditioned bungalows.


There are a number of resorts you can stay at near to the gym, including Ban Nai Wok. Located across the street from the gym, they offer fully furnished, air-conditioned houses for 14,000 Baht per month.  Contact us at the gym for details and booking.




Air conditioned bungalow with free wifi. 5 minutes from the centre of Koh Phangan; home of the Full-Moon Party.

Ban Nai Wok

For those on a really tight budget we also have a "super-budget" option...

Known, affectionately, as the "Chicken Hut" it is our cheapest option.  No frills accommodation it's somewhere, safe and dry, to sleep.

Please note: "Chicken Hut" is just a nickname it does not and has not ever housed chickens!

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